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How to get a free estimate from Optima Tax Relief

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2017)

Optima Tax Relief is a US based tax resolution firm. It handles almost all IRS or state tax issues. You can get a free estimate before moving further with their services.

How can I get a free estimate from Optima Tax Relief?

To get a free estimate from Optima Tax Relief, just do the following,

  • Visit the company website at www.optimataxrelief.com
  • Click the “Get Tax Help” button to load the application page


  • When the new page loads, first select how much tax debt you have.


  • Then select the state you live in.


  • Finally, fill out a small application form. Just submit your full name, email and phone number. Then click the “Get Free Estimate”


  • The company will contact you soon with relevant information

How can Optima Tax Relief help me?

Optima Tax Relief offers various tax related services to its customers. Come them include:

  • If you have a big IRS tax debt due, they can help you it to a lower amount
  • In case you have built up back taxes, Optima Tax Relief can help you resolve them efficiently
  • They can also resolve any wage garnishment issues
  • Conduct an IRS audit defense

How can I contact Optima Tax Relief?

You can contact Optima Tax Relief by

  • Calling them at the phone number given below.
  • Visiting them at their office located at
Optima Tax Relief
Phone Numbers & Fax
Contact Phone: 800-536-0734
URL Address
Sign Up:
HQ Address
3100 S. Harbor Blvd, Suite 250
Santa Ana, CA 92704