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Mymathlab – Getting the most out of education

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2017)

Mymathlab logoLearning does not stop because you leave the classroom, but unfortunately the tutors are not always at hand to answer our of hours questions. This is where www.mathlab.com can help. The site has tutorials and homework that can be completed online as well assessments to show students their progress, strengths and weaknesses so that they can make improvements through the personalized learning program. This also means that the level of support that each student needs can be tailored especially for them.

How To register?

In order to register for this online learning support platform, you will need three things.

  • An email address where you can be contacted
  • Your course identification code
  • Method of payment or access code to cover the cost

Once you have all of these you can begin by pressing the ‘register now’ button which can be found at the top of the page as pictured below.

Math Lab 1

How to get an access code?

Once a textbook is ordered your tutor will know what materials are included, some of which including an access code. If included, this code is usually printed on the inner cover of the learning material or seperately on an insert.

The access codes can also be bought seperately from your learning institution. It will come with full instructions of how you can use it with the mathlab site.

How to make changes to my account details?

Whether for security or preference reasons you wish to change your account name, password, email address or similar you will need to:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to account profile
  • Click edit account information button

From here you will be able to make necessary changes.

How to  change access from temporary to permanent?

When you begin a course, you may have to wait a few days for your course material which is why you will be given temporary access. The usual duration of this is 14 days, after which payment will need to be made or an access code entered to continue using the program. To enter an access code:

  • Sign into your account (second link called “Sign Up URL on this page”)
  • Click access code
  • Enter access code
  • Click finish
  • Print off the reciept and summary for your personal records

Math Lab 2

Alternatively you can choose the buy now option to pay by credit/debit card or via paypal.

What if my account has been linked to my Canvas account?

To make things easier tutors will link your Canvas account to your Mylab one. To sign in with connected accounts you will need to:

  • Sign into your Canvas account
  • Enter your course number
  • Click any link to Mylab except for those for help and getting started
  • This will take you to the registration page

Once complete you will not need to sign into the accounts seperately again. Other learning platforms such as Desire2Learn and Moodle can be linked by following the same set of instructions, making it easier to use both without opening separate windows.


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