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College Board – The Official SAT and AP Website

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2017) Collegeboard.com is the website affiliated with the SAT. The SAT is a common exam that high school students take to qualify for admittance to certain institutions of higher learning. Collegeboard.com is used to register for the SAT, as well as to help students prepare for the exam. The web site is also the official site of the Advanced Placement, or AP, courses. These are common throughout the US and are used by students to gain college credit while still in high school.

Student Accounts

There is a general login to the College Board website, that gives you access to the features of the website. You must create an account to interact with the various features of the website including registration for the SAT and interaction with the AP related content. Creating an account with the site allows you to do other things as well, like apply to some colleges and access related information.

How to Create an Account

1. Click the Sign Up Link of the Main Page – Www.Collegeboard.Com  (the home page link on the bottom of this page)


2. After clicking sign up, you will be prompted to tell the site whether you are a student or a teacher, so that it knows what type of account you need.


3. After you click student, you will be taken to a standard registration page. It will ask you a number of general, basic questions.


4. Then you will need to create a username and password that you will use to access the account in the future. You also will need to create a security question to access your account in the event that you cannot provide your account details.


5. Finally, there is a form for parent information. The information is optional, but provides you with access to reminders and advice from collegeboard.com.


There is also a terms and conditions button, with links to the terms and conditions of the site. You should read these carefully before checking the box required for submitting the account creation details. After you have entered this basic information you can proceed to the rest of the registration process which may be different depending on what type of account you are creating.

Education Professional Accounts

Registering for the website as an educational professional is a somewhat more straightforward matter. You enter your name, gender, and email address in the first part of the form.


Then you enter the username and password you would like to use; also, choosing and answering a security question.


Having completed these two sections, the last part is to enter your professional information. This is information about the school you work for, where the institution is, and the job you hold with the institution.


After filling in all of these fields you will select the button labeled “Next: Review” from the bottom of the page. This will display all of your information for you to make sure it is correct before submitting the form and creating your account.

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