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AMEX Login, Bill Pay, Customer Service and Sign-Up

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2018)

As a global Bank Amex – American Express has always tried exploring new avenues to see that the customers find paying bills and doing other transactions easy and convenient.  The following are some ways where you can do banking in a calm and relaxed manner.

Online Payment:

Online services are one of the most secured ways to manage your bills, view statements and pay them instantly.  However, before getting started you need to have an automated bill payment set up with your financial institution or personal bank.  Your Bank branch would help you setting up this service. Once this is done, below is how you get started

  • Visit https://global.americanexpress.com/myca/ocareg/canlac/action?request_type=un_Register&Face=en_CA&Details=true
  • Fill in the necessary information on your American Express Card and other information it asks for.
  • Follow the instructions given and personalise your Card.
  • Registration is complete once you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once you are registered you can easily follow instructions to pay up your bills and manage transactions online.
  • Login to Online Services.
  • Click on ‘Make Payment’
  • Enrol bank account and other details it asks for
  • Make the payment.

Note:  3-5 working days are required for payment to be credited into the account.

Paying through Mobile App:

Mobile is the easiest way to manage your account on the go.  The Amex Bank App can be easily downloaded on your iPhone or Android using the same password and ID that you use to manage your account on mobile.

The Mobile App can be downloaded by clicking on https://global.americanexpress.com/myca/intl/mobl/canlac/static.do?Face=en_CA&page=un_mobappURI

Payment through Online Banking

Amex Bank provided its customers online banking facility to pay their bills in a hurdle freeway like all other Banks.  The only criteria is that you need to enrol online.  Once you are done, you can access your account and make payments.  You can use various options deciding on what suits you.  You can either make a one-time payment or automatically debit your account with pre authorized payment plan.

Note: Pre authorization payment plan is not eligible for corporate cards

Direct Debit

Direct debit keeps customers at ease and confidence, the direct debit service helps customer to plan their payment time to time. Card members can opt for a one-time payment option to their card account or schedule the payment for up to 25 days.  If this option is not convenient you can call the number on the back of the card to make or schedule a payment for 25 days or up to 28 days after the date of issue of the last statement billed.

Note:Payments can be made any time once your initial registration is complete.

Pay By Post

You can always pay your card bill by Cheque, wherein you just need to mail a cheque with your remit portion in a self-addressed envelope along with the paper statement.   You can post your cheques to:

P.O. Box 4500

Agincourt Post Office,

Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 4B1

Note:  Write your card account number on the front of the cheque

Pay In Person

During regular business hours you can drop into any of the local branches of Amex and make payments.  However, the use of this service would be governed by the Bank’s payment policies and guidelines.

Note: A nominal fees would be charged for the service.

Customer Service Information

Help Desk Number: 1-877-429-9246

Toll free Number: 1-800-869-3016

Lost or stolen Cards: 1-866-549-6426

Fax: 1-888-843-9523

Postal address


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URL Address